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Bird Lice in Newcastle

Bird lice Newcastle is a primary focus of ABC Pest Control Newcastle. These pests are also known as bird mites and have been causing major problems in Newcastle, New South Wales.

Aside from the inconvenience, their bites can lead to severe skin irritation. Apparently, they use the nests of birds as a breeding ground. However, when the birds fly away, the lice search elsewhere for their food and move on to their next target. This could be your home.

These minute insects can live for months in people’s homes, They use the ceilings, walls and even beds to gain access to humans whom they also feed on.

Their bites can cause great discomfort and need immediate treatment with skin creams. In fact, health experts recommend eliminating this pest as soon as it is discovered.

It is necessary that you take urgent action to eradicate their presence from your property. If you have bird lice issues book here in under 60 seconds.

Many of us confuse bird lice with bed bugs. With us, you can certainly get help in identifying bird lice infestation even over the phone. Call 02 0404 9770 now for expert solutions.

Bird Lice Experts in Newcastle

We, at ABC Pest Control, have been fighting these pests in Newcastle and other parts of Australia for over a decade now. Our treatment is odourless and eco-friendly chemical sprays. With the guarantee, we can clear the area of bird lice that are completely safe for the environment, people, or pets. Moreover, we destroy the source of the bird lice by finding and destroying the birds’ nests where they sustain their existence.

Exterminating these critters requires a thorough inspection of structural foundations. We also treat basement areas as well as the attic and roof. Our team ensures to locate the home of these bird lice and their points of entry into the building. We follow a systematic process that requires special protective equipment, great care, and with proper clothing and training.

If you'd like a complete inspection of your property to eliminate bird lice, book for our experts or call us today. We’ll take care of the situation in its entirety through safe and efficient means. Most importantly, we will keep you and your family safe and comfortable in your home.

What are Bird Mites or Bird Lice in Newcastle?

Bird mites (another name for Bird lice) are eight-legged insects that have a yellow shaded body and are less than 1mm in size. They feed primarily on the blood of birds.

When fed with the feathered creature’s blood, their body changes shade to dim red or dark. The domestic starling mite (Ornithonyssus bursa) and the red poultry mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) are the most common species that affect the people in Australia.

In case you have an issue with a feathered creature's lice infestation, you need a specialist to handle it. Don't delay and let these pests increase their number in your property. You can check our affordable packages and book now.

 Where do Bird Lice Breed in Newcastle?

Bird lice breed only on the feathered creatures like sparrows and pigeons. They live and grow in bird feathers and in their nests usually set up in the tops of houses. Birds stay there until the youthful young babies leave the home.

These lice flourish in warm and wet conditions in feathered creatures’ homes. It usually happens by the time the eggs hatch to release new birds’ offspring.

When the bird babies leave the nest, the lice are forced to look for another source of food sustenance. They would transfer from one place to another in search of their food. Hence, they would usually start from your house roof to your furniture and even to your bed.

Effects of Bird Lice to People in Newcastle

In their search for nourishment, your house could be the living zone for bird lice. Their bite surely causes skin irritation as they infuse saliva that triggers irritation. As a result, you will see your skin swelling or having red spots. Therefore, if you see these symptoms in your skin, this means that these parasites have already invaded your home.

On the off chance that you've been bitten by these bird mites, you may need to apply a repellent to avoid further attacks. To prevent further irritation and possible allergic reaction on your skin, a cream should be applied immediately. For instance, you may use "Eurax" to diminish the tingling effects of the bites and nibbling.

 How to Treat Bird Lice in Newcastle?

All areas of your house or business property ought to be treated with an appropriate pesticide. Experts recommend that you seek help from a pest controller with expert knowledge in exterminating bird lice.

You shouldn't disregard the fledgling invasion of these pests and should take necessary action early. A thorough inspection will include a comprehensive investigation of all parts of the house or building to find the offending nest or nests.

The process will include careful checking of the rooftop, cellar, upper room, yard, divider voids, and fireplace. Experts will certainly check any potential regions that could possibly be a place for the establishment of the bird lice.

There is a need to apply initial treatment through professional bug spray as soon as we discover the nest. Removing the nest is a dangerous task as there are also bacteria that would cause an infectious disease called Psittacosis.

For protection, wearing gloves and a veil is needed. Complete expulsion of the nest will ensure no more parasite of such kind will live and stay in the same place.

To ensure that these pests do not return, all holes, cracks or openings in the rooftop, and all entry points or living zones have to be fixed up.

Only through getting professional help from pest experts that you can successfully make your home or business free from their infestation.

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