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Cockroaches in Newcastle

Cockroaches are among those pest control problems that are most annoying and health-threatening in Newcastle, New South Wales. Of the thousands of cockroach species in the world, some are adapted for home kitchens, others for buildings involved with food preparation, and still others for basements and bathrooms. An effective approach to combatting these nocturnal disease-carriers depends on a thorough understanding of their needs and habits, as well as highly specialised chemicals and eradication strategies.

For reasons of health and safety (as well as the highly vulnerable reputations of food suppliers should a cockroach infestation become widely known), these irritating creatures must be driven out of all areas where people live and work as soon as they are discovered. Regular inspections and appropriate chemical treatments are strongly recommended, particularly if there are signs that cockroaches have invaded your property.

Different Types of Cockroaches - Pest Control Newcastle

Cockroaches seemed to look the same in all places, but if given a keen sight, these insects are of different types which can be seen even in their physical appearance. There are three most common and notorious cockroaches in Newcastle. They are the American cockroach, the Australian cockroach, and the German cockroach.


American Cockroach Newcastle

The American cockroaches, by and large, live in wetter regions of Australia, yet they can get by in dry regions in the event that they approach the water. American cockroaches lean toward warmer temperatures. These cockroaches can be found in storm cellars, roof and sub-floor spaces, and most establishments. They usually dwell in stores, restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, breweries, bars, or any of the similar places where food supplies are stored.


Known to be the largest among the house-infesting cockroaches, American cockroach can grow up to an average length of 1.6 inches and a height of 0.28 inch. They are identified with their reddish brown color and a yellow margin behind the head.


Being one of the fastest running insects, catching them even by sight is a rare case. They can hide quickly into small cracks or dark corners as soon as they sense your presence in a room.


American cockroaches release a strong and unbearably unpleasant odour that can alter even the flavor of the food they come in contact with. They can carry bacteria that can cause food poisoning and infection. The most common bacteria that they carry are Salmonella which can cause typhoid fever.


On the off chance that you have an issue with American cockroaches don't delay contacting a pest control specialist in Newcastle now. Or then again look at our competitive packages for the residents of Newcastle.


Australian Cockroach Newcastle

Australian cockroaches are peridomestic insects (cockroaches that prefer to live outdoors but can occasionally be seen indoors). These tropical insects look similar to the American cockroaches but are just smaller in size. They are usually found outdoors but can occasionally be


An adult Australian cockroach can grow up to 32-35 mm long and develop flight-capable wings. They are usually reddish-brown or dark-brown in color.


These pests can be found anywhere in the world like in the United States and mostly in tropical countries. They are everywhere as they get to spread when transported through shipment deliveries. It was just introduced in Australia and was known to have originated in Africa.


Just like most types of cockroaches, they also move quickly that a person can never sight their presence as they can hide and go unseen in a blink of an eye. They have wings that are cable of making them fly. They prefer warm locations but are also tolerant to cold weather by staying indoors.


Australian cockroaches seem to prefer eating plants than any other food type. We can usually see them around shrubs, trees, flowers, tree holes, wood pipes, roof cavities, garages, and greenhouses.


Seeing this type of cockroach inside our homes or buildings is a serious threat. Since they love to stay outdoors, discovering them inside our properties means that they have a shortage of food outside and that makes our property vulnerable to their invasion and destruction. If this happens, contact an expert right away to administer an immediate treatment.


German Cockroaches Newcastle

German cockroaches are perhaps one of the most famous pests being always in the top 5 pest control inquiries by residential and commercial property owners. These pests eat anything making them more inconvenient and more dangerous.

Among all species of cockroaches, they are one of those that are smaller in size. Their adults can grow an average of 13-16mm in length. They can be easily identified by their two dark, parallel streaks running down the outside part of their pronotum. They usually are light tan or dark brown in color.

Their favorite sites for breeding and infestation are almost all buildings. They can be in our homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants, stores, and any room or building that foods are stored. They grow in number more in toilets and kitchens.

German cockroaches, although not known to be able to fly, can damage anything like books, wallpaper, furniture, and many more in our house or building. They are known to be carrying a great number of bacteria that can contaminate foods and cause asthma and transfer many other infectious diseases.

These insects are nocturnal so we can hardly see them in daytime. If we see any sign of German cockroach infestation, it is best to consult a pest expert.


A Cockroach Life Cycle

The baby cycle brings forth from egg cases that the grown-up female cockroach store. As babies develop, they shed the "skin" or exoskeleton so they get bigger. This figure demonstrates a rearranged picture of the existence cycle (egg organize, babies’ stage and grown-up stage) of the German cockroach.


Expert Pest Control Services Newcastle

ABC Pest Control Newcastle in New South Wales can dispatch its elimination teams to locate the source of any cockroach problem and treat the issue quickly and definitively. Our on-the-ground team leaders can also advise our customers about proper food safety and storage procedures, as well as what needs to be done with existing food in the affected areas. We are fully qualified to deal with the situation in its entirety so that you can go back to your daily routine with the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected.

To eliminate the present threat and get at the root causes of cockroach infestations, there is simply no substitute for a thorough and professional response. Our extensive experience in all manner of pest control means that each inspection and eradication visit is carried out with the utmost care and industry best practices.

Call ABC today, or fill out our online form, for a rapid-response visit from our crew regarding cockroach pest control in Newcastle. We can also inspect your property for signs of other pests and take care of those as well, to keep your property protected and safe, the way it should be.

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