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End of Lease Pest Control Newcastle

End of lease pest control treatment in Newcastle is not just a common courtesy; in many cases, this is also in the law. During the period in which you take up residence in your house or apartment, many insects and other types of pests may well be setting up their new home right alongside you. When the time comes for you or your tenant to move to another location, it is standard practice to enlist the services of pest control experts in such as the highly experienced team at ABC.

A well-trained exterminator in Newcastle can eliminate the threat from dozens of species of pests, such as ants and spiders, cockroaches and silverfish, mosquitoes and fleas, rats and mice, moths and ticks, beetles and bees – and of course fleas. The very act of moving out often means you are disturbing the living spaces of these unwanted home invaders, who have set up camp in the dirty and moist corners where your odds and ends have accumulated over the months and years. Dormant creatures may well awaken and wreak havoc on the next tenant to take over your space.

Standard Procedures: Health and Hygiene

Many rental contracts and agreements have a special clause requiring that the departing tenant (or their landlord) organise an End of Lease pest control service in Newcastle before a space is opened up for the next tenant to arrive. Health and hygiene are, of course, the primary reasons for this requirement.

Fortunately, we now have a painless (and now odourless) procedure, as advances in chemistry and improvements in combatting unwanted pests have led to fast and effective treatment processes that can eliminate the scourge of these destructive pests for a long time to come.

The most common type of End of Lease pest control inspection and cleaning in Newcastle is for fleas, but any and all pests can be removed by our team of professional pest control experts. We recommend availing yourself of our End of Lease pest control service a day after the regular property cleaning has already taken place. The timing is ideal in this situation, since the environmentally-safe chemicals we employ can then be directed into the corners and hard-to-reach places without interference, and without washing out along with the ordinary cleaning products used by the previous cleaners.

Our standard inspection and extermination services leave no lingering smell and are perfectly safe for adults and children. Pets can also enter at no risk after a 4-hour period has passed. The new tenant can move in later the same day and enjoy the comforting experience of settling into a safe, secure and relaxing new home.

Our End of Lease services can still be conducted if the property is already vacated when we arrive, provided the proper preparations have been made. You can drop off the key with us, or put it in an accessible location so that we can let ourselves in. We also accept credit cards at ABC Newcastle, but if you prefer to pay cash, you can leave it in a well-marked drawer or cabinet for us to find when we’re in the residence.


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