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Fleas- Pest Control Services Newcastle

For prevention and treatment of flea anywhere in the greater Newcastle region of New South Wales, ABC Pest Control is the natural choice. Our know-how comes from experience, and allows us to deal with the fleas themselves, their eggs, and the conditions which let them establish themselves on your property in the first place.

Flea bites are more than merely an annoyance. They are a danger to you and your pets, as they facilitate the transfer of diseases which could require medical attention. Common creams and home remedies may ameliorate the symptoms in the short term, but they do nothing to address the underlying causes, the new generations of flea eggs which are likely waiting to hatch, or the danger of catching a disease through a flea bite.

Rather than trying to live with fleas or put up with them or decide that they must be an inevitable fact of life, turn to the experts at flea control in Newcastle: ABC Pest Control. We’ll eliminate the fleas and make them stay away through our environmentally friendly chemical treatments, bringing long-lasting relief to you and your loved ones, and any pets that may also be affected by them.

Fleas and other parasites should be kept far away from your home, and our eradication team at ABC Pest Control Newcastle is standing by to come out to your area on the central coast and use an effective but odourless spray on the areas that fleas are attracted to. A very swift disappearance of the fleas will result, letting you (and your skin) breathe easier moving forward.

Call now to take care of your flea problem once and for all, and feel free to ask us about our other pest control services as well. If you’re troubled by any kind of pest at all, don’t try to chase them around the house. Instead, reach for the phone, and let ABC Pest Control Newcastle handle it.

What are Fleas Newcastle?

Fleas are a sort of wingless bug that lives on the blood of another creature. Did you know there are more than 2000 types of fleas? However, the most widely recognized sort is feline flea. The feline bug is found on felines and pooches.


Their outward presentation is a dark colored, oval-formed collection of about 2.5 mm long. Their body is smoothed to advance development through the host's hair. A host might be a feline or a canine and even a human.


Flea has a head, mouth, two eyes, six legs, and two radio wires. The receiving wires are utilized to recognize warmth, vibration, and alters in course of wind stream. The legs empower the bug to hop up to 30 cm either onto another host or abstain from undermining circumstances.


The bug's mouthparts use saw-like jaws to slice through skin, where the fleas' spit contains anticoagulants to empower the bloodstream. The following is an appendage, which has been nibbled by fleas.


Indications of Fleas Newcastle

Pets are regularly observed scratching or gnawing at their skin. In the investigation of the skin of your pet, you may see blushed territories and pustules. (Allude to picture above) Although now and again, you may not see a flea present, another sign is to look for "dark pepper" appearance or bug soil in the pet's jacket. Gather a portion of the spots with a paper towel. When you have a few, soak them with water. Since flea earth is dried blood, the spots should turn rosy darker when broken up in water. This typically shows fleas are available.


The fleas might be spotted additionally hopping on your skin!


Check your skin too for bites. Territories to check for outrageous irritation include around legs, feet, midsection, armpits, and wrinkles of body parts.


Weals (raised skin swellings, allude to picture, right) may be created inside 30 min of the nibbles, which can advance to a rankle or an injury following a couple of days. The tingling of flea bites is brought about by a hypersensitive response, and affectability to them fluctuates among individuals.


For any signs of fleas infestation, seek for a professional pest control treatment in Newcastle.


Flea Treatments Newcastle

To comprehend treatment and executive methodologies, it is imperative to comprehend the existence cycle of the flea.


The existence cycle of a flea happens in four phases. The cycle may take as long as a half year. It is exceedingly dependent on the temperature. At 30 degrees Celsius, the flea cycle from egg to grown-up happens in 12 days! The principal arrange is the egg (speaks to half of the bug populace). The bug may lay up to 50 eggs for each day and up to 1000 eggs in a single lifetime. At that point worm-like hatchlings (35 % of the bug populace) bring forth from the eggs and tunnel into rugs and bedding. At that point, a cover is spun, where the flea pupae (10% of the bug populace) is latent and stays in the case until it achieves the last stage, of a grown-up, starts to live and benefit from the blood. The grown-up flea may satisfy for 100 days. The grown-up stage speaks to just 5% of the flea populace! This shows that flea populaces keep on emerging from the juvenile fleas.


How to Deal with Fleas Newcastle?

Management of fleas in your condition incorporates procedures for the termination of grown-up fleas just as they produce their eggs, inside and outside of your home.


Inside the home, the fleas might be found in the floor coverings, bedding, pet’s beds.


Inside the home: guarantee your vacuuming is intensive: on floor coverings, tiles, to dispose of any eggs that are prepared to bring forth! Discard the vacuum sacks. Clean pet bedding completely and consistently. Consider bug bombs and guarantee you move the furnishings around; dull territories are the ideal home for flea hatchlings.


Look after your pets: felines and pooches. Shower the feline or puppy on customary premises. Sudsy water takes out the parasites by suffocating. Brush your pet's jacket once a day.

guarantee your pet hotel is spotless and ventilated. Fleas love muggy situations.


Information on Flea Treatment for Pets

There are additionally numerous items accessible and available, compound or restorative medications that can essentially help you in dealing with the issue. Make certain to discover what every item does before you use it. For instance, there are a month to month flea tablets that kill grown-up fleas inside 30 minutes of your canine ingesting the tablet! Customary investigations of the skin of your pet, particularly around the tail region and the back. Outside the home: Keep your grass cut low as fleas flourish in long grass. Fend off your pets from specific territories, for example, from under the house. Treat outside pet zones with bug sprays.


Remember to have regular pest control treatments. Have specialists advise you about more systems on the most proficient method to treat and keep your home flea free.


End of Lease Flea Treatments

ABC Pest Control Newcastle has practical experience at the end of rent flea medicines and irritation control administrations.


Usually, for a property to have terms in your lease assentation with respect as far as possible of rent flea control, sometimes in the event that you have had pets in your home or lawn the terms would expect you to have a flea treatment done.


This may basically simply be a standard provision in your rent understanding, it is especially critical in the event that you have canines or felines, regardless of whether you realise they don't have fleas.


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Fleas are parasites that cause pressure, an assortment of skin issues and increment the danger of infection transmission to our pets and our families.


In the event that you have an issue with fleas or any pest control problems in Newcastle and need it settled, book now or call 0404130944. You may also look at our collective packages that deal with a wider range of pests.