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Bed Bugs Newcastle

Durable, persistent and hard to catch, bed bugs are a particularly nasty nuisance for those unfortunate enough to have them. They are commonly misidentified as well, as bites from other types of insects are often mistaken for bed bugs in Newcastle. Only a visit from professional exterminators is likely to identify the true culprit in a suspected bed bug infestation and carry out the appropriate countermeasures.

ABC Pest Control Newcastle is very well suited to deal with bed bugs, using the ideal concoction of toxins that will keep people safe while eliminating the threat posed by these tiny critters. Our courteous team of experts will also fill you in on what to do – and what not to do – during the days following our visit, to ensure that the bed bug infestation is destroyed once and for all.
All linen to be washed in hot water!

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The Life of the bed bug!!!

A lot of the usual remedies don’t work well against bed bugs; conventional pesticides and fumigation agents may even exacerbate the problem. Changing the sheets and mattresses is likely to be an ineffective solution, as bed bugs tend to retreat to nearby furniture when they are not out for blood. Moreover, even the attacks from bed bugs are not confined to beds themselves, as hungry bed bugs have been known to feast on people during the day – while they are sitting at the computer, for example. Moving out for a while will also fail to get rid of them, as the slow metabolism of these creatures means that they can survive even with no food source for well over a year.

Homes, hotels, hostels and many other areas are at risk for bed bugs. For professional help to keep your property safe from this irritating and often painful menace, contact us at ABC right away. Our experienced team specialises in bed bug pest control in Newcastle, and can be dispatched on short notice for inspection and treatment of the issue.

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