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Solve Your Beetle Problems

For homeowners and businesses, carpet beetles are a significant worry due to their ravenous appetite for sources of protein found in both clothing and carpets. These pests can chew through many types of fabrics, leaving holes, damaged material and discolouration in their wake. As with other pests, eliminating the presence of beetles requires coordinated action because it also requires dealing with the locations where these beetles breed, and their entry points into your property.

Adult carpet beetles are generally harmless apart from their not-insignificant aim of laying eggs for the next generation. Carpet beetle larvae – in appearance rather similar to a caterpillar – are the direct source of damage that come from within the beetle family. Visual sightings of adult beetles, which tend to occur near windows, are a strong indication that there are larvae nearby which need to be neutralised.

These larvae can remain active for many months before growing into their adult phase, leaving them plenty of time to do damage if left unchecked. They will also eat through bedding, furniture, ordinary dry food and other assorted sources of protein unless they are stopped. Oftentimes these beetles originate in birds’ nests on the roof of a house or building, and from there they migrate down into the living space in search of food.

Prevention starts with general proactive efforts to clean up neglected spaces on the property, but if such efforts are made too late, it becomes necessary to call in the experts. At ABC Pest Control Newcastle, we bring over 15 years’ experience to your home, along with the chemicals and eradication strategies to permanently relieve you of your problems with carpet beetles and any other pests that are getting inside. Call us today and we’ll organise an inspection team to visit you, and help you achieve peace and security from pests within your home or workplace.

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