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The bites of bird lice (also known as bird mites) can lead to severe skin irritation, and health experts recommend eliminating this harmful pest as soon as it is discovered. Bird lice use the nests of birds as a breeding ground, but when the birds fly away, the lice search elsewhere for their food, and at this point they often target homes and people.

These tiny pests can live for months in people’s homes and use the ceilings, walls and even beds to gain access to human hosts upon whom they feed. Their bites can cause great discomfort and should be treated with skin creams, but much more important is the necessity of eradicating their presence from your property and its surroundings.

We at ABC Pest Control Newcastle have well over a decade of experience combatting these and other pests in Australia. We use odourless and eco-friendly chemical sprays to clear the area of bird lice without endangering any people or pets on the property. We also track down the source of the bird lice by finding and destroying the birds’ nests they use to sustain their presence.

The task of dealing with these critters requires a close inspection of structural foundations, basement areas, as well as the attic and roof in order to pinpoint the home of these bird lice and their points of entry into the building. The process requires special protective equipment and great care, and should not be done without proper clothing and training.

If you would like a complete inspection of your property to eliminate the threat posed by bird lice, call or write to ABC Pest Control Newcastle today. We’ll take care of the situation in its entirety through safe and efficient means, to keep you and your family safe and comfortable in your home.

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