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For prevention and treatment of fleas anywhere in the greater Newcastle region, ABC Pest Control is the natural choice. Our knowhow comes from experience, and allows us to deal with the fleas themselves, their eggs, and the conditions which let them establish themselves on your property in the first place.

Flea bites are more than merely an annoyance. They are a danger to you and your pets, as they facilitate the transfer of diseases which could require medical attention. Common creams and home remedies may ameliorate the symptoms in the short term, but they do nothing to address the underlying causes, the new generations of flea eggs which are likely waiting to hatch, or the danger of catching a disease through a flea bite.

Rather than trying to live with fleas or put up with them, or decide that they must be an inevitable fact of life, turn to the experts at flea control in Newcastle: ABC Pest Control. We’ll eliminate the fleas and make them stay away through our environmentally friendly chemical treatments, bringing long lasting relief to you and your loved ones, and any pets that may also be affected by them.

Fleas and other parasites should be kept far away from your home, and our eradication team at ABC Pest Control Newcastle is standing by to come out to your area on the central coast, and use an effective but odourless spray on the areas that fleas are attracted to. A very swift disappearance of the fleas will result, letting you (and your skin) breathe easier moving forward.

Call now to take care of your flea problem once and for all, and feel free to ask us about our other pest control services as well. If you’re troubled by any kind of pest at all, don’t try to chase them around the house. Instead, reach for the phone, and let ABC Pest Control Newcastle handle it.

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