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The larvae of clothes moths can spend years before growing into adults, and it is during this period that they do the most damage to fabrics. Females lay their eggs within the fabric of clothing by using a sticky substance, and the larvae feed on the proteins contained within the natural fibres. Adult moths prefer dark, warm and humid places within closets and furniture, where they can live undisturbed lives and lay the groundwork for the next generation.

Clothing moths are easily identifiable through their pale golden wings, and the webs, cocoons and droppings that mark their presence. They also eat through clothing, of course, as damaged and discoloured fabric is another common sign of a most infestation. Frequent cleaning can clear out both clothing moths as well as their cousins, the pantry moths that are attracted to more traditional dry food sources that are found in kitchens and pantries.

The wings of pantry moths take on a more feather-like appearance, and these creatures are surprisingly adept at finding their way into loosely-sealed food bags and packages. When attempting to remove both moths and pantry moths, it is important to isolate the often-hidden source of these pests before targeting the most visible invaders.

At ABC Pest Control Newcastle, our inspection and eradication teams can take over the entire process of pinpointing the problem, tackling it at its source, and eliminating the clothes moths and pantry moths that are actively damaging your clothing and food. We can also sweep the area for other pests, to keep your property clean and safe from all manner of small and unwelcome guests.

Our operators are standing by to provide service throughout the greater Newcastle area. Give us a call today, and free your home or business from these and other nuisances for a long time to come.

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