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Rats are a serious health hazard in either the home or the workplace, as their activity facilitates the spread of disease, contaminates any food they come into contact with, and occasionally results in breakages and even fires from their greedy wanderings around kitchens and other areas. Rats live and thrive anywhere they can find both food and shelter – which often means inside people’s homes or in the walls or alleyways behind them. They are notoriously hard to catch, as they are intelligent enough to avoid many kinds of traps people lay out for them.

Rats also build nests to keep warm, particularly in the winter months, and the building of these nests often results in destruction or damage to property. Sounds of scratching in the walls, evidence of chewed-up food packages or materials like wood, plastic, paper or even wires, and direct visual contact are the most common ways of identifying a rat infestation. Proper rat control in Newcastle takes into account the needs and habits of these creatures, in order to set up effective chemical and mechanical traps to stop them.

Mice are often another serious problem at home or in the workplace, and any responsible effort at rodent control in Newcastle must take mice into account as well. Warning signs for the presence of mice on a property are very similar to those of rats, except that the smaller size of mice allows them to enter much more easily than rats.

Baits, glue boards, electronic sound-emitting devices, and simple home maintenance to seal off cracks and openings are all useful and effective ways to combat the menace of rats and mice. At ABC Pest Control, our experienced eradication teams can radically improve your property defences against these types of pests, removing the headaches and dangers that come with infestation. For quality rodent control in Newcastle that will solve your problem once and for all, call us now.

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