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Australia is home to many of the world’s most toxic spiders, and removing them from a property is therefore a task to be undertaken only be highly trained professionals who know how to identify each spider and its habits. After locating the spiders, the team at ABC Pest Control will soon isolate and remove the spiders and their webs in order to leave your home and workplace safe and secure, and put your mind at ease.

Among the most dangerous spiders one might encounter is the redback, a relative of the infamous black widow spider found elsewhere. Its webs are typically found in dark areas, within neglected garden sheds, storage areas, logs, assorted rubbish and other similar environments. Its bites can cause a variety of severe symptoms, and must be treated quickly.

Beyond the redback, there are the white tail spider, mouse spider, wolf spider, the Sydney funnel-web spider, the black house spider and many more which are legitimate cause for concern. Despite the dangers of each of the above species, most of the other spiders in Australia and around the world are relatively harmless … but even so, there are all kinds of harmless things that we don’t want to see in our bedroom or kitchen.

Rather than taking on the rather advanced task of isolating the spiders around you, identifying their species and threat level, researching their habits, purchasing the appropriate protective gear and then taking clear action against these potentially dangerous creatures, it’s far better and a whole lot safer to let the professionals at ABC Pest Control Newcastle take care of your problem with spiders and other pests.

Give us a call now and we’ll remove any unwanted spiders and other pests from your property, and help you protect yourself with proper preventive measures moving forward.

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