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Termites work slowly and methodically to feast on any source of wood they can find. Protecting your house, deck, benches, tables and many other sources of wood can be an especially tricky task, given the limited effects of conventional chemical spray on this persistent pest. Moreover, there are thousands of species of termite, and expert attention is needed to ensure that the right response is taken to the termite threat so that long-term property damage can be avoided.

Signs of a termite invasion are varied. A sudden presence of discarded wings near a window can indicate that a termite swarm has recently taken place. Mud tubes, built by the termites to shield them from ants and sunlight, are a clear indication that a population of termites has concentrated its efforts on your home. Damaged or weakened wood is another sign that termites have chosen your home as their food source, in addition to the presence of sawdust as well as holes in exposed wood.


In addition to building an impenetrable wall of defence against these hungry invaders, we’ll also give advice on best practices for keeping termites and other nuisances away in the future. No matter what situation your property is in – pre-infestation, early detection, or full-blown crisis – we’ll bring you back to safety with strategies whose qualities of protection and prevention often more than pay for themselves due to the beneficial effect they have on long-term property values.

  For complete and comprehensive termite inspection along the central coast, ABC Pest   Control Newcastle is the ideal choice. We bring over 15 years of experience to your   home or business, along with the most advanced techniques and chemical
  countermeasures to protect your property against this dangerous invader. In short,   when our team comes to set up our tried and true defences for your property, we are   every bit as methodical as the termite – but we work a lot faster. And we win.

   For these reasons and many others, every home and property should make time for   occasional termite inspections in the Newcastle region, although structures that are   more than 25 years old are at the greatest risk. Although some of the warning signs are   easy to see, others are not, and this particular type of bug has evolved its stealthy and   sophisticated form of attack over countless generations.


A professional approach to termite pest control in Newcastle can neutralise the threat in effective and long-lasting ways that amateur responses simply cannot match. Through the use of specialised physical and chemical barriers, the team at ABC Pest Control Newcastle can stop termites from using the entry points they need to gain access to your structure, and they will soon look elsewhere for their livelihood.

By contrast, key mistakes are often made by homeowners seeking to take matters into their own hands. Termites typically have many routes into a structure, and by disrupting, attacking, spraying or blocking off the highly visible ones, the common homeowner’s efforts will inevitably result only in driving the termites to construct harder-to-reach pathways into the same building, making eradication efforts that much more difficult.

When facing a determined foe, it’s necessary to call in the experts. ABC provides the finest termite pest control in the Newcastle area, as well as many other services to counter the great variety of other tiny nuisances that can find their way into a home or business on the central coast.

With our experienced team of fully-trained professionals, top-quality chemical solutions that are safe for the environment, as well as our prompt service and long-lasting defence techniques, your home is in good hands with ABC Pest Control Newcastle. Call today or fill out the form on this website, and find out what our team can do for you.



Home termite inspections can guard your home against invaders

When most people in Newcastle think of home invasion, they probably have something larger and more deadly in mind than termites. But these pesky creatures work tirelessly to attack houses and other buildings all across Australia, and the damage they leave can be devastating. On average, termites do more damage to people’s homes than fires or environmental factors. So what should we do about them?

The first thing to keep in mind is that it’s best to get the professionals involved early. Termites do most of their harm hidden away within the structure of your home, so by the time you notice them they may already be present in great numbers. Dealing with them with anything less than a comprehensive approach can be counterproductive; if you stop them in one location, they are likely to just regroup and find another, more carefully hidden way inside.

At ABC Pest Control Newcastle, we carry out thorough home termite inspections that can determine whether your structure is at risk, or already being targeted by these pests. Our experienced team can give you an authoritative report about your home’s vulnerability to termites, along with tips and advice on how to keep these troublesome invaders out. If termites are discovered during the course of an inspection, we can eliminate them from the source – and keep them out permanently.

Long-term protection from termites starts with ABC Pest Control

It is easier than ever to protect a home from termites, but the job must be done professionally. At ABC Pest Control Newcastle, we use powerfully effective physical and chemical barriers to keep termites out for good. These efforts fall into three separate categories, and are listed below.

Termite reticulation in Newcastle
By surrounding your home with waterproof barriers underground, termites will not be able to bore themselves through your home defences in their quest to make a meal out of your house. These special installations must be made with care and at precise locations near your home’s foundation in order to work, and we at ABC Pest Control Newcastle have several years’ experience protecting homes in this way.
The termite reticulation process has a second component, which powerfully enhances the effect of the first. This stage involves a network of pipes installed underground around the base of your home. The pipes are filled with termite-repellent chemicals that are very slowly and periodically released into the soil through tiny holes in the sides. Any termites that come into contact with the chemicals will be poisoned – after very likely passing the poison on to other termites – thereby effectively creating a chemical shield around your property to accompany the waterproof physical shield.
The chemicals in use are perfectly harmless to the surrounding environment, except for termites and other pests. They are non-toxic to people (including children), pets, plants and the wider environment. The termite reticulation process can proceed at any stage in the lifetime of a house, but is most easily performed during the construction period, after the foundation has been laid.

Termite reticulation refills in Newcastle
The chemical barrier used in termite reticulation is terrifically effective and can work on its own for years – but it does eventually need to be refilled. The refill process is fast and easy, and ABC Pest Control Newcastle can top up your reticulation system through a special refill mechanism with minimal inconvenience.
Although the waterproof barrier blocking termites from entry will stay in place for decades, it too needs maintenance from time to time. Environmental factors, together with the passing of time, work to compress the soil surrounding your house, leaving gaps that open up between your home and the termite barrier. These gaps should be filled periodically with a special type of soil replacement material, so that your home can rest on a firm foundation once again.
These types of refills and maintenance procedures should be performed at intervals of 3-5 years. Our ABC Pest Control Newcastle services are comprehensive and non-invasive, maintaining powerful termite protection with ease for years to come.

Homeguard installation with ABC Pest Control Newcastle
To protect your home from the very beginning of its life cycle, FMC Corporation’s Homeguard system is a non-invasive and ideal solution, guaranteed to work for decades and leave you with no termites to worry about for a very long time to come.
Designed and manufactured in Australia, Homeguard is a system wherein a powerful termite-repelling chemical is mixed in with your home’s foundation and structure, thereby directly protecting your home’s most vulnerable points in one crucial step. Termites won’t go near your home if it is protected by Homeguard.
As accredited partners of FMC, we at ABC Pest Control Newcastle are fully licenced to install Homeguard, a system which is backed by a 50-year warranty of up to $1 million against future termite damage. Annual home inspections by accredited Homeguard operators, such as ABC Pest Control, are required for the warranty to remain active.

Security and peace of mind – courtesy of ABC Pest Control Newcastle

At ABC, our pest control solutions are fully compliant with all Australian regulations, and are friendly to people as well as to the environment. We provide experienced, professional service to all our customers in the greater Newcastle area, ensuring that our solutions are thorough and effective.

When you put ABC Pest Control Newcastle in charge of keeping your home free from termites and other dangerous pests, we take charge of the entire process. Termite reticulation depends on a delicate balance of chemical treatments needed, as well as the specialised piping system to deliver it, and the waterproofing process that provides a level of physical protection for your home. Homeguard is an excellent preventive solution that we can perform when construction of your home is still in the early stages, ensuring that you can enjoy decades of peace, fully protected from the termite threat.

To keep your home safe from termites or any other pest, contact ABC Pest Control Newcastle right away, and trust your home to the professionals.

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