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Ticks are disease-carrying pests that can latch on tightly to humans or pets, and cause significant discomfort. Their removal is a difficult endeavour, and it is highly important to eliminate the threat of ticks anywhere on your property, and to keep them away so that they do not come back to harass you even more. Dealing with a tick infestation requires modern expertise and equipment, and nobody is better suited to deal with ticks along the central coast area than ABC Pest Control Newcastle.

Several varieties of ticks can be found along Australia’s east coast, in particular the paralysis tick, the brown dog tick and the bush tick. All of them are hardened and hungry, making them a persistent foe whose dangers include bites requiring treatment as well as the bacteria they often carry as they infect their hosts. The risk of contracting disease from a tick, and the difficulties inherent in combatting them, make this a job for the professionals.

The need to deal with this problem as early as possible is made plain by the fact that ticks lay thousands of eggs during their lifetimes. Longer delays could mean that their numbers will only grow, along with the complications associated with eradicating them.

ABC Pest Control Newcastle uses modern, environmentally-friendly sprays to ensure that all varieties of ticks are neutralised on the spot, and that they stay away for a long time to come. Using professional help to treat the problem of ticks and other pests means that you, your loved ones and your pets can relax and stop worrying about the harm that can come from tick bites.

Call ABC Pest Control Newcastle now for thorough inspection of potential tick breeding sites, and to remove all traces of ticks and any other pests from your property along the central coast.

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