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Wasps are a very recent and unfortunate import to Australia. First arriving only 40 years ago, they quickly thrived in the warm climate and spread up and down the central coast. They have black and white stripes, and are able to sting multiple times while also signalling for other wasps to join the fight. They are attracted to meat as well as sugary drinks and food items, making them a real threat to people who may not be paying attention as they take each bite or each sip of their meal.

Wasps wander up to half a kilometre from their nests in search of food, but even if you are able to locate their nest (typically in a covered or sheltered space), it is crucial to leave it to the experts to take action. Wasp nests can hold up to 100,000 of these pests, and any amateur attack on them is likely to end in a worse result for the attacker than for the wasps.

Ordinary bees are far less of a nuisance than wasps, as they carry out beneficial ecological actions which help us all. On occasion, however, bees will build a new nest in an attic, vent, wall or other inconvenient place, and must be removed. Bees are far less harmful than wasps, but they will sting if provoked, and once again it is much wiser to leave any bee removal activity to the professionals.

If you discover wasps or bees swarming on your property, or need to organise the removal of a nest, call the trained professionals at ABC Pest Control Newcastle for a safe and easy solution. We take full care to remove the nest completely – a task just as important as killing the pests themselves – by using advanced and environmentally-friendly chemical sprays and the best industry practices. Most importantly, we have the experience, equipment and protection gear necessary to put an end to these unwanted guests.

Call us now and put us to work for you.

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