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Maggots Removal Newcastle

Maggots removal Newcastle is one of our specialties. Not many Pest Control companies provide the service. These pest worms are probably the most disgusting in the list of pest control problems that you may have.

They have been the main reason behind people having vermiphobia or fear of parasitic worms. Hence, their appearance would make someone shiver in fear or would make others vomit.

If you need help in getting rid of these filthy and creepy worms, ABC Pest Control is just one call away to end your agony. You may check our affordable packages or contact us immediately. Likewise, you can book for our team in less than 60 seconds on the website or call us on 02 0404 9770 now.

Maggots Removal Newcastle: Description and Information

Maggots did not just appear from nowhere as most people would believe. They are flies’ larvae. Usually, they are from houseflies, cheese flies, and blowflies.

Maggots come in large numbers during the summer season. They are white and creamy in appearance.

These worms come out when the eggs hatch during the second stage of the life cycle of flies. This is before they progress to becoming pupae and eventually full-blown flies. Moreover, Flies lay hundreds of eggs at a time that will hatch within a day without us seeing or noticing it.

Flies would lay their eggs in places where they are certain that their maggots can feed to survive. Thus, it would not be surprising why we see maggots feasting on rotten foods, old meat, pet food, and dead animals.

Maggots are heavy eaters. They work on their endless appetites by devouring every rotten food or meat using their mouths with a strong grabbing hook.

Having a poor digestive system, they release digestive juices that will help dissolve their food. As a result, they heat up their surroundings. However, this very hot temperature could cause their death if they fail to retreat to cooler places. In fact, according to research, the heat up their surroundings up to 122F°.

Maggots: Dangerous to Humans and Animals

Maggots can be harmful to humans and pets. During warmer season, like summer, they reproduce in great numbers. Hence, they become serious infestation including myiasis.

Myiasis is an infestation of a living tissue usually in animals such as sheep and dogs. Apparently, they feed on their host’s dead or living tissue and body fluids.

Humans are not exempted from the threat of myiasis caused by maggots. You can be contracted with the infestation. For instance, you may get in contact with dead animals, rotten fruits, and anything or anywhere that have maggots.

Maggots Removals Newcastle: Prevention Tips

The best way to avoid any infestation like the maggots is to make your property not an open source for their food. The following tips will surely help:

  1. Keep your place clean by disposing of any garbage properly and regularly. Clean garbage cans thoroughly. Also, using bleach would help to ensure no leftover of rotten fruits or meat is left.
  2. Store foods in secure or sealed containers.
  3. Keep your surroundings clean of any animal feces such as the dogs' or of any pets'.
  4. Seal your pet foods in a container that gives no chance for a fly to sneak in.
  5. Put a screen on all entry points to ensure flies cannot get in your house or building.

Maggots Removal Newcastle Tips

Dealing with maggots removal Newcastle could be as disgusting as these pests but the following tips would help you:

  1. Search the entire area where you find maggots and its surroundings to locate other possible sites of their existence. The rotten smell could be your obvious guide.
  2. Kill them by pouring on the boiling water with a small amount of bleach or hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Clean the area of infestation thoroughly to ensure no more rotten food or maggot left to survive.
  4. Use dish soaps or other natural repellants such as vodka, herbs like lavender, bay leaves, basil leaves, and apple cider vinegar.
  5. Grow plants that can keep flies away like lavender, tansy, marigold, chrysanthemum, or the fly-eating plant- the Venus flytrap.
  6. Use electronic fly traps.
  7. The use of chemicals or insecticides may be needed but it’s recommended to have it done by experts.
  8. Keep your property free from their return by following the helpful prevention tips.

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