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Mosquito Problems in Newcastle

Talking about pest control problems in Newcastle, New South Wales, mosquitoes will surely be one of those on top of your list. They are probably among the world’s greatest annoyances, bothering people and animals alike for millennia. They love warm places, ideally with standing water to lay their eggs. In many areas of the world, mosquitoes pass along dangerous diseases to people as they feed.

There are preventive measures that can be taken, such as removing standing water and cleaning up neglected areas, in order to reduce the likelihood that mosquitoes will make themselves at home on your property. For immediate relief, however, it is necessary to eliminate the existing mosquitoes on your property by mosquito experts. ABC Pest Control relies on eco-friendly chemical sprays to get the job done quickly and effectively. We’ve been in this business for over 15 years, and our well-equipped eradication teams are as effective as they are courteous and convenient.

We are located in Newcastle, serving homes and businesses up and down the central coast to provide fast and easy solutions to problems from mosquitoes and other pests. Failing to eradicate mosquitoes, more often than not, will present no ill health effects for residents of Australia. But for pure comfort and an improved quality of life, it’s much easier to take care of the problem with one phone call than to lay awake at night, trying to swat mosquitoes that have entered your living space.

When we arrive, we’ll identify where the mosquitoes are coming from, how they are getting into the building, and simple steps you can take to prevent their return after the existing ones are eliminated. Our team members are all highly trained in this and other pest-related situations so that whatever you need to clear your property of tiny invaders, ABC Pest Control can take care of it. Call us now or get in touch with us via the contact form, and say goodnight to these pesky intruders once and for all.

Facts about Mosquitoes in Newcastle

Every human being would hate mosquitoes. They are disease-carrying flying insects that feed on blood whether from humans or animals. They are considered the deadliest insects in the entire planet considering the massive number of deaths they cause. They have been notorious for carrying deadly diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, encephalitis, and Zika. Not only that, your dogs could be at risk as they carry heartworm that can cause your pet’s death.

Mosquitoes belong to the family of nematocerid flies (flies that are elongated with thin, segmented antennae and are aquatic). Scientific studies on mosquito fossils reveal that mosquitoes started to exist a million years ago.

Mosquitoes fly slower than most of the other insects. They can only fly with an average speed of 1-1.5 miles per hour. Their wings can beat 300 to 600 times per second producing that annoying buzzing sound when they come near you for a chance to bite. Interestingly, when meeting, male and female mosquito lovers are capable of synchronizing their beats to the same speed.

Lifecycle and Breeding of Mosquitoes

They have four stages in their life cycle: egg, larva, pupa, and adult or imago. The egg hatches and becomes a larva that continues growing to become a pupa and then leaves the water as an adult. Their first three stages take 5-14 days and are all in water until they become adults.

Female mosquitoes would lay their eggs on stagnant water, near the water edge, or some would have it on aquatic plants. They choose their aquatic breeding place based on their ecological adaptability. While most of them are in fresh water, some also breed on salt water.

Other mosquitoes prefer to breed in phytotelmata or in a natural reservoir on plants like in hollow trunks and in the leaf-axils. They are considered as the most dangerous disease-carrying insects. An example is the Aedes which is the famous carrier of dengue and yellow fever. They can also be passing disease-causing bacteria from one person to another.

Adult mosquitoes can live up to 5-6 months under perfect environmental conditions. Even their eggs have a long survival capacity. They may dry out but can still hatch within eight months. Water is everything to them and so they can breed in places where there is even a little stagnant water like in cans, old tires, and puddles.

Mosquito Feeding: Why Do They Bite?

Not all mosquitoes bite humans. The need for their females for protein for reproduction is the only reason why they strike for blood. Males would avoid humans and would get nourishment from the nectar of flowers. Some mosquitoes also feed on blood from animals rather than people. They are the Culiseta Melanura that bites birds and Uranotaenia sapphirina that feed on reptiles and amphibians.

The favorite blood sources of mosquitoes are hosts with type O blood category, those with massive skin bacteria, bodies with high temperature, heavy breathers, and pregnant women. They find their victims by sensing carbon dioxide produced by animals and people. As soon as the female mosquito picks up carbon dioxide, it will fly back and forth until it finds the source.

Helpful Tips to Fight Mosquitoes

  1. Keep all containers such as garbage bins from accumulating water. Holes should be drilled at the bottom of the container to allow water or any liquid to penetrate downwards allowing no water left stagnant for mosquitoes to breed.
  2. Clean the property of water-holding containers such as tin cans, old tires, plastic bags, flower pots, flower pots saucers, or anything that can contain even a small amount of water.
  3. Search within and around your property after every rain for areas that do not dry within 4 days like drainage and puddles. You may need to regrade these areas or make alterations to remove or carry the water away.
  4. Swimming pools should be regularly cleaned and chlorinated even when not in use as these could be a huge breeding place for mosquitoes.
  5. Consult pest experts for a complete and effective solution to keep your property safe from the dangerous mosquitoes.

Contact ABC Pest Control Newcastle

The threat brought by the deadly mosquitoes is no less than a serious thing. You and your family members, including your pets are in great danger when bitten by these disease-carrying pests.

Have a peace of mind from these harmful mosquitoes by contacting ABC Pest Control Experts in Newcastle, New South Wales to exterminate every single mosquito from your property. Our modern and systematic process of pest treatment will ensure your safety while we provide our affordable services with premium quality.

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