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Moth Removal Newcastle

Moth removal Newcastle is a special service provided by ABC Pest Control Newcastle.

Are you an occupant of Newcastle and are experiencing moth problems? You may need to contact a local pest control team right away. Apparently, to remove moths involves systematic procedures that only pest control experts can efficiently and effectively administer.

ABC Pest Control Newcastle has already mastered effective moth removal. This involves the most effective treatment to detect, remove, and prevent pest infestation such as of moths’.  Most importantly, we use strategies and chemicals for all pest issues that are environmentally friendly and safe. Hence, we ensure it is safe for the environment, your family, and your pets.

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Moth Removal Newcastle: Surprising Facts

Moths are insects that are related to butterflies. They belong to order Lepidoptera, considered to have around 160,000 species and are mostly nocturnal.

Many would think moths and butterflies are the same but they are not. One distinguishable difference is that butterflies have thin antennae with its end. In addition, they have small balls or clubs while moths have feathery antennae with no ball at its end.

They have no nose but they can detect odour through their feather-shaped antennae that contain scent receptors. Their unique sense of smell is so powerful that the male moth can even smell a female moth within 7 miles of distance.

Moths have two pairs of wings covered with dustlike scales. They have compound eyes, coiled proboscis, and have metallic, brown, or grey colours. Their size may vary according to their groups. For instance, their wingspan may range from 4 mm to 30 mm in length.

The most common of the moths found in households are the clothes moths and the pantry moths. They are attracted to many things found inside our homes. For example, our clothes and upholstery for clothes moths. On the other hand, grains, flours, spices, chocolate, and nuts are favourites of pantry moths.

Reproduction and Life Cycle of Moths

Moths’ lifecycle also includes four stages which are the egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis), and adult (imago).

Female adult moths have the capacity of laying up to 50 eggs within 3 weeks. They secrete an adhesive that they use to attach their eggs to fabrics.

Within 10 days, their eggs will hatch but this usually happens only during warm seasons. However. it may take longer during winter which usually takes up to 1 month. Furthermore, for clothes moths, their eggs may take up to 18 months to hatch during the cold season.

Are Moths Dangerous? Moth Removal Newcastle

Moths do not pose harm to people. However, they are pest problems as they can damage our clothes and soft furnishings with holes and stains.

They can also contaminate our foods in the case of pantry moths. Hence, their damage depends on the level of their infestation.

Moth Problems Signs - Moth Removal Newcastle

It must be frustrating but the first sign of moth infestation is damaged clothes and stored products like foods. They are like termites that would silently invade your property and would only be noticed once huge damage is surfaced.

Other signs include spotting an adult moth crawling, seeing larvae and silken tubes where they live. Usually, they dwell inside dark corners like in drawers, wardrobes, or back of furniture.

Tips to Prevent Moths - Moth Removal Newcastle

Moths can get inside our house by either flying themselves in or by just being brought inside through infested products. For example,  foods (usually grained) and clothes. To avoid or minimize moth problems, we can do the following:

  1. Moths are attracted to lights. During night time, if turning on lights inside is not necessary, it would be best if we use lights outside only.
  2. Examine foods before bringing them inside especially grained products.
  3. Ensure that every furniture, clothing, fabrics, and even plants are clean of any moth eggs or immature and adult moths.
  4. Wash clothes thoroughly as moths love dirty fabrics.
  5. Use vacuum cleaner in cleaning carpets, beds, wardrobes, and drawers. It can also be used to clean clothes or fabric of any moth eggs
  6. Try safe and natural chemical repellent.

 Expert Pest Control Newcastle - Moth Removal Newcastle

If you've done all the tips and still get the stubborn moth infestation, contact your local moth removal experts immediately.

ABC Pest Control Newcastle is your local pest exterminators that are experts on moth removal. In addition, we also provide effective treatment to any pest problems aside from moths.

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