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Everyday low price - Pest Control Newcastle Prices

ABC Control Pest Deluxe Packages start from $159

pest control newcastle prices

We are the leading Pest Control Provider in Newcastle. Hence, we’ve been protecting homes and businesses from pests for a long time. Our goal as a pest control expert is to provide exactly what it takes to effectively protect your home or business against a wide variety of pests.

Your home is a sanctuary; where you remove away all your worries and feel most relaxed. This can all be taken away with the existence of pests. Check out our services that can solve your pest issue.

See Our Packages - Pest Control Newcastle Prices

Single Story Now From

  • Normally $385
  • Your Saving $200

Double Story Now From

  • Normally $450
  • Your Saving $200

Unit Deluxe From

  • Normally $299
  • Your Saving $140

Treating up to 15 Differents Pests Inside & Outside including Fence Lines         Save $200
American Cockroaches
Australian Cockroaches
German Cockroaches
Oriental Cockroaches
Smokey Brown Cockroaches
Black House Spiders
Trap Door Spiders
St. Andrew’s Cross Spiders
Red Back Spiders
Black House Spiders
Rodents – Rats and Mice
Carpet Beetles
Silver Fish
Bull Ants
Paper Wasps
For additional services, Bees, Fleas, Bird Lice, Ticks, Black Ants, Brown Ants Bull Ants, Funnel Webs at additional cost.
Deluxe pest control package treat up to 15 pests up to 6 months warranty for internal areas
External perimeter of your home, including around all windows and doors, eaves,
gutters, downpipes.
Alfresco/Pergola areas.
Sheds (inside & out)
Bins & LetterboxPerimeter fence line (including under the fence capping).
Additional fees for blocks exceeding 400m2
Pool fencing
Cockroach gel treatment (within your kitchen area ).
Internal spraying around skirting board areas
Roof void Rat/Mouse baiting treatment
Roof void Dust treatment
Cubby house Children swing equipment
Granny flats Add additional cost

From only $220

1 in 3 Newcastle Homes Have Termites
ABC Pest Control Newcastle’s Termite inspection package includes:
Full internal inspection of structure/home
Full external inspection of structure/home(including garage)
Roof Voids/Voids(where accessible)
Property grounds inspection, gardens , fences, sheds & carports
Inspect for wood rot, water damage, leaks and drainage issues
Thermal imaging and moisture meter use where needed
Termite inspection report
*Termite inspection report includes list of conducive conditions that should be rectified, as well as a run through after the inspection has been concluded on what issues have been identified and what action should be taken.
Treats up to 15 pests Termite inspection

Peace of mind, Protect your asset with the Ultimate Deluxe Package perfect for Home-owners & Investors!

Up to 400sqm block - Up to 6 months warranty for internal areas

*Bee, Fleas, Black Ants, Brown Ants and Newcastle Funnel Web at additional cost

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