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Pantry Moths Removal Newcastle

Pantry moths Newcastle is definitely one of those pest control problems that concern both residential and commercial property. (especially the food business) owners in Newcastle. ABC Pest Control Newcastle understand all moths and how to be rid of them. If you are experiencing any type of negative influence from moths. Contact us on 02 0404 9770 or book online in under 60 seconds. We have solutions.

Who would not be aggravated when you open your food storage and see a massive of these insects feasting on your supplies? If you are wondering why they are there, well, their name says it all.

These pests feed on plant-based food especially those from grains like flour and cereals. Not only do they eat them but they also lay their eggs in these foods. This makes our food prone to contamination and the cultivation of more bacteria.

The war against pantry moths is a complex process. Expertise on exterminating these pests is needed to win it.

At ABC Pest Control Newcastle, our inspection and eradication teams can take over the entire process of pinpointing the problem, tackling it at its source, and eliminating the pantry moths that are actively damaging your food. We can also sweep the area for other pests, to keep your property clean and safe from all manner of small and unwelcome guests.

Pantry Moths Information - Pantry Moths Removal Newcastle

Pantry moths, also known as Indianmeal moths, are pests that feed and lay eggs in dry foods like those from grains. Their larvae are the culprits of infesting a number of your food supplies such as cereals, pasta, rice, bread, couscous, flour, dried fruits, spices, and nuts. They can also penetrate and infest peppers, cocoa products like chocolates, coffees, cookies, and some commercial pet foods like corn feeds.

Their adults can grow up to a maximum of 8-10 mm long and 6-20 mm wingspan. Their wing sides have different colours. Their forewings, for example, are usually reddish brown with a copper cluster. The proximal parts are yellow-grey or white-grey and their intersection between the proximal and distal regions has a dark band. Their hind wings are grey for all.

 Eggs and Life Cycle - Pantry Moths Removal Newcastle

There are four stages in the life cycle of pantry moths. They are the stages of egg, larva, pupa, and adulthood. This cycle could be completed in as short as 30 days and as long as 300 days depending on the climate, nourishment, and their environment. A warmer climate like during summer makes their life cycle to complete faster than during the cold season.

Their female adult can lay up to 400 eggs which are usually white-grey and measure between 0.3-0.5 mm in length. They have all these deposited in their food source to ensure enough feeding and nourishment of the larvae when hatched.

Eggs begin to hatch to release the larvae in 2-14 days. Their colour depends on the food source but they usually are off-white, pink, brown, or greenish in colour. They measure around 12 mm long and use their prolegs for movement. It may take about 42-56 days for the larvae to advance to the next stage- the pupa stage.

Pantry Moths Habits - Pantry Moths Removal Newcastle

The pupae can grow up to 0.33 inch and can go anywhere other than the food source such us in the crevices of shelves and doors and may sometimes be around your clothes in the wardrobe which makes them mistaken to be the clothes moth. Pupae stage of pantry moths takes 15 to 20 days.

It is easy to identify an adult pantry moth. They are those that you see flying around. Being an adult pantry moth means being ready for reproduction and the cycle starts again. Since they are not feeding as adults, they only live up to 2 weeks.

If you believe you need help with pantry moths Newcastle. Call us on 02 0404 0997. Or book online in under 60 seconds. You can also check out our packages. They are great if you have issues with multiple pests. More importantly, are looking for pest prevention. preventing any pest is better than the cure.

Pantry Moths Removal Newcastle and Prevention

  1. Check your food storage. Throw every open food you found with pantry moth. They reproduce in any open foods such as flours and cereals.
  2. Seal the infested foods in a trash bag and dispose of it right away to give pantry moth no chance of coming back and stay.
  3. Clean and dry your food storage area and containers properly ensuring no pantry moth are left hiding and wait for at least a week to put stock again.
  4. Check every new food supply you just bought for any signs of moth infestation. You may wash bottles or cans.
  5. Consider storing your dry foods such as oatmeal and flour in the refrigerator or at least put them in the freezer for a week before putting them in your regular dry food storage area.
  6. Use glass or plastic jars with air-tight covers in storing grains instead of plastic bags. This will keep the food safe from infestation just in case you bring additional food with pantry moths.
  7. Using repellent leaves such as mint, bay, lavender, and cedar. These have been proven effective to keep pantry moths away. Keep them effective by replacing these leaves regularly.
  8. If the infestation is too large to handle, call pest experts for rescue.

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Pantry Moths’presence may not be as dangerous as the other insects to humans but the fact that they can damage and contaminate our foods is enough reason for us to keep them away. A serious infestation of these pests in the household or commercial properties such as those in the food industry can be crucial to health and the damage can be very expensive.

Contact ABC Pest Control experts in Newcastle, New South Wales to administer the most effective solution to get rid of these pesky insects. Our procedures will ensure all areas are carefully inspected to accurately identify the extent of the moth infestation before we apply the most appropriate treatment that will obliterate each of the pests. We also will leave you with helpful solutions on how to keep you free from their return.

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