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Possum Removal Newcastle

Possum removal Newcastle is a specialty of ABC Pest Control. Tired of restless evenings and tuning in to the irritating sound of animals pounding or aggravating calling clamors?

All things considered, it might be the start of new visitors subsiding into your home. On the off chance that you have a possum issue you can book in less than 60 seconds. Moreover, if there are some other issues look at our focused bundles.

The brushtail possum is generally dark-coloured or dim in shading, around 55 cm long, the span of a feline.

Possums are singular at nighttime. This means that they wind up dynamic during the evening looking for sustenance in urban waste and manure containers.

A Possum diet incorporates nearly anything they can discover. That is from creepy crawlies, leaves, blossoms, nectar, organic products to little warm-blooded animals, winged creatures and reptiles.

In spite of the fact that these creatures may present as charming, their looks are really deceiving.

Possum Prevention Tips

The following can certainly help prevent the presence of possums:

  • Keep trash receptacles shut. Don't leave sustenance lying around.
  • Ensure every electrical wire on the rood are secure and protected.
  • Remove any heaps of wood or trash that can give asylum to the possum.
  • Keep a zone in danger sufficiently bright as light will scare these nocturnal pests.

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