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Rat Removal Newcastle

Rat removal Newcastle. Among the common vermin behind pest control issues in Newcastle, New South Wales are the clever rats. They are a serious health hazard in either the home or the workplace, as their activity facilitates the spread of disease, contaminates any food they come into contact with, and occasionally results in breakages and even fires from their greedy wanderings around kitchens and other areas.

You may use traps to combat these destructive pests but this has been proven ineffective to completely eradicate them. In case of serious infestation, it is highly recommended to contact pest experts.

ABC Pest Control experts have mastery in administering safe, systematic and effective procedures for rat infestation treatment. We have the most affordable packages for your pest treatment needs. Our booking system on the website allows you to book a convenient schedule in just less than 60 seconds and our hotline is open 24/7 for immediate response.

The lifestyle of Rats Newcastle - Rat Removal

Rats live and thrive anywhere they can find both food and shelter – which often means inside people’s homes or in the walls or alleyways behind them. They are notoriously hard to catch, as they are intelligent enough to avoid many kinds of traps people layout for them.

Rats also build nests to keep warm, particularly in the winter months in Newcastle, and the building of these nests often results in destruction or damage to property. Rats can be found anyplace, where there is sustenance! They can be in cities, suburbs, or rural areas. Places of interest for a rodent may incorporate sheds, kitchens; under solids such as wood, refuse or rooftops; homesteads and open fields.

They usually build their nests in hidden and warm areas. These rodents breed so quickly and they gnaw or chew anything. The larger their population, the greater the damage they pose in a property or in health.

Rats are aggressive when they are disturbed or threatened. They can bite, chew, and even chase for defence.

Signs of Rats’ Presence in Newcastle - Rat Removal

Sounds of scratching in the walls, evidence of chewed-up food packages or materials like wood, plastic, paper or even wires, and direct visual contact are the most common ways of identifying a rat infestation. They also dig burrows where they usually nest and breed so you may see holes under decks or sheds in gardens. Some may also have nests in hidden and dark places in and around a property.

Rats are colour blind and so they use their smell to trace their way back to their nests or food source through their ammonia-like smelling urine. Their urine can be easily detected as it usually glows when hit by light.

Best Rat Removal & Control Strategies

There are manners by which vermin can be overseen and prevented: We don’t advise using poisons. We believe these should be executed by a professional.

Techniques include methodologies of trap types, hence dealing with the situation for a fruitful impact.

Other non-substance technique includes:


  • Anticipating a rat’s passage: guarantee all holes are blocked, make sure windows have tight screens, pet entryways are additionally considered to be monitored.
  • Looking after general cleanliness: keep sustenance in fixed compartments; dispose of uneaten pet scraps and food.
  • Mechanical gadgets, to trap these pests is also an effective
  • Traps placed on dividers, done by the rodent scouring its oiled and lubed hide
  • Ordinary assessments by ABC Pest Control, to help decide the best control procedure for you personally.

Expert Rat Removal Newcastle Service

Proper pest control in Newcastle such as that of rats involves taking into account the needs and habits of these creatures in order to set up effective chemical and mechanical traps to stop them. ABC Pest Control is composed of experts on rodent eradication and prevention in Newcastle.

Rats can actually become a fire risk as they bite even electrical wires. Additionally, rats represent a risk to our well-being with the transmission of different diseases and parasites. Rodent prevention and eradication in Newcastle are a forte of ABC Pest Control. Customary pest control can help you in wiping out these nuisances from your home and your life for good.

Rodents have poor visual perception and are partially blind, yet their other senses (e.g. smell, taste) are sharp! Rodents may turn out to be increasingly prominent in winter. Vermin look for warm places to live in. They settle in covered up and warm areas and breed fast which thus, expands the danger of harm to structures and human wellbeing. On the off chance that you see any of the accompanying signs, call ABC pest Control Newcastle for proficient results and solutions.

Contact ABC Pest Control Newcastle - Rat Removal

An infestation of rats of any level is a serious threat and that you really need professional experts to eradicate these pests from your homes and business.

ABC Pest Control in Newcastle, New South Wales has rodent experts that can provide you with cost-effective rat treatment that covers comprehensive inspection, treatment, and prevention of pest reoccurrence.

You can reach out to us by using our booking system on the website or contact 0404130944.


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