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Silverfish Removal in Newcastle

Are you a resident of Newcastle that has an irritating pest control problem such as with silverfish? Do you want experts that deal with the problem fast?

These hungry and fast-moving pests generally keep themselves well-hidden and are very hard to exterminate without specialised equipment. They eat virtually everything they can, they prefer darkness and damp places, and are most active at night. To make matters worse, they can live up to 5 years if not dealt with properly.

Silverfish thrive in dirty spaces and can often be identified even in their absence. Small holes chewed through books, clothes, and wallpapers are hallmarks of this unique pest. Silverfish have many peculiar habits, and like many household and workplace pests we deal with, they would make fascinating objects of study if they weren’t actual nuisances to people, their homes and their lives.

Because they are fast-moving and hard to catch, it takes years of training and experience to repel and defeat them in large numbers. In this area, ABC Pest Control Newcastle truly sets itself apart, with its professional team members specialising in quality pest eradication services for over 15 years.

In addition to our advanced chemical sprays that can deal with silverfish and other pests for long periods of time, we also offer our customers tips and advice on how to prevent their return for years in the future. True comfort and peace of mind come with the knowledge that one’s environment is safe and secure, and we at ABC take great care to ensure that our customers receive the best services available toward that end.

If you are worried about silverfish or any other household or workplace pest, give us a call at ABC Pest Control Newcastle today. We’re ready to visit your property along the central coast and clear the premises of over a dozen different pests and annoyances. We are dedicated to helping our customers get on with their lives in comfort and confidence, knowing that their problems with silverfish and other pests are a thing of the past.

Surprising Facts about Silverfish Newcastle


Silverfish are silver, unpleasant, quick moving and look like the development of a fish. Under the correct conditions, they will destroy your books and bite up materials to get sustenance.

Silverfish are commonly viewed as a family unit bug. These timid creepy crawlies cause harm by gobbling up materials that contain starches. This may include eating nourishments, for example, grains and sugar; book ties, backdrop, garments as it contains starch. This issue can be effectively dispensed with by reaching the pest control specialists!

Silverfish are for the most part 1 – 2 cm long. Their body shading ranges from dark, metallic silver to darker. They have no wings. Their bodies are smoothed, long, oval shape and secured with fine scales. They have two long receiving wires and 3 tail-like projections.


Silverfish incline toward dim zones and are most dynamic during the evening. These might be found in kitchen organizers, baths, restroom sinks, carport, office, cleft of floor tiles, under refrigerators, closets, under the bed, heaps of paper and storage rooms. Their optimal condition would be a bookshelf! Along these lines, the silverfish can benefit from the paste in the bookbinding and live in the pages of the book. They adore tight spaces. Silverfish like the warm and soggy condition.

Silverfish are biting creepy crawlies. They, by and large, eat anything! Silverfish diet additionally incorporates vegetables, hair, dandruff, photographs, cloth, cotton, silk, molds, paste to acquire starch. Swarmed materials will have sporadic patches eaten off by these creepy crawlies. When they have found a decent sustenance source, they may wind up hard to dispose of from your home. In this case, don't falter and call an expert exterminator!

A silverfish may stay alive for 5 years or more. The lifecycle of a silverfish includes the laying of eggs and the incubating of babies. The babies look like the grown-ups yet have no scales. They keep on shedding on different occasions to achieve the grown-up stage. The grown-ups keep on shedding in the wake of mating.

Tips for Controlling and preventing Silverfish - Newcastle

There are basic procedures to oversee silverfish. These include:


  • customary cleaning


  • customary checking of zones that would draw in silverfish


  • lessen dampness in your home that energizes silverfish


  • dispose of any breaks or cleft


  • store paper materials and sustenance in impenetrable holders


  • use your vacuum to clean


  • customary examinations from your pest control Newcastle expert.


  • The engagement of silverfish shows poor cleanliness and a sodden condition.



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