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Spiders Removal Newcastle

Spiders removal Newcastle is a forte of ABC Pest Control Newcastle. A spider can be dangerous and the areas surrounding Newcastle are home to many of the world’s most toxic spiders.

Removing spiders from a property is a task that needs highly trained pest control professionals. Hence, dealing with these aggressive pets requires a complete understanding of spiders and their habits.

ABC Pest Control has mastered the spider infestation treatment with so many years of helping affected residential and commercial properties. In fact, the team followed a strategic process in exterminating these pests.

The process includes locating these insects, isolating, and removing them with their webs. We guarantee to leave your home and workplace safe and secure and put your mind at ease. Moreover, spider removal Newcastle is a focus that we take seriously.

Spider infestation requires immediate action by contacting pest experts that can handle it with safety. Thus, you can book for our pest extermination team on the website or contact us for immediate response.

Dangerous Spiders Removal Newcastle

The scary reputation of spiders obviously came from the reports of their venomous attacks. Apparently, they have caused wounds, severe pain, allergies, and in rare cases, paralysis and death.  According to Australian Geographic, there are around 10 most dangerous spiders in Australia:

The Sydney-funnel web; other funnel webs; the redback spider; the mouse spider; trap door spiders; white-tailed spiders; Australian tarantula; recluse spider; huntsman spiders; and common garden orb weaver spider. Read some of these spiders’ surprising and helpful facts below.

Sydney Funnel-Web Spider Newcastle - Spiders Removal

Usually found in New South Wales, Sydney Funnel-Web Spiders hold the reputation as the deadliest spider. They generally dwell in forests and other humid sheltered places like the backyards.

These spiders are generally medium and large in size with 1 to 5 cm in length. They have a dark colour like black, blue-black, and brown or dark plum colour.

Their fangs are larger than that of a brown snake’s. They release a venom that can target the human nervous system which affects the function of other organs.

Fortunately, the anti-venom for their attack has been available since 1981. Hence, there have been no more reports of fatal casualty ever since.

There are other 6 venomous funnel-web spiders that are found in Queensland and New South Wales. In fact, there are reports of their attack every year but the anti-venom has been effective to save the victims.

Redback Spider Newcastle - Spiders Removal

Redback spiders are also present in dry sheltered places such as the mailbox, garden sheds, or even under toilet seats. They can survive in many habitats including urban areas. Apparently, they usually got mistaken for the deadly black widow spider because of their similar appearance.

The females, with an average length of 10 mm, are normally larger than the males which length is only up to 3-4 mm. Moreover, they are black in colour with some red on.

There has been no report of deaths by their attack since the anti-venom was made available in 1950.

Mouse Spider Newcastle - Spiders Removal

You can find mouse spiders in burrows near rivers or waterways, and some can be dwelling in suburban areas. Their venom is similar to that of the funnel-web spiders. Thus, the same anti-venom works for the attacks of both.

They are stout black spiders with the body length varying from 10 mm to 35 mm. Generally, their heads are wide, shiny, and black with bright red or orange-red jaws and eye region.

Females usually just hide in their burrows while the males are out searching for them. Usually, when they reach 4 years of age or their sexual maturity. Aside from insects like ants, they can also handle other prey such as other spiders, small lizards, and small frogs.

Recluse Spider Newcastle - Spiders Removal

Recluse spiders or brown spiders are also known as fiddle-back spiders, violin spiders, or reapers. They are dangerous with their venom’s capacity to damage not just the skin but also the blood of humans in a very rare case.  Furthermore, they are 6-20 mm in size with colours ranging from creamy to dark brown and blackish grey.

Fortunately, there's been no report of any envenomation case from these spiders since experts discovered them in Australia 20 years ago. Apparently, they are not really known to bite but they use their tiny fangs to inject their poison.

Trap Door Spiders Newcastle Removal

Trap door spiders are found in entire Australia with both natural and urban environments. They are named after their observed habit of camouflaging their burrow’s entrance to easily catch the prey when they fall inside.

Trap door spiders are around 3.5 cm long and have very thin hairs. Usually, their burrow is 25 cm below the ground and is open without a trap door.

Their food includes insects such as cockroaches, other spiders, beetles, and crickets. Surprisingly, they have a life span of 5 to 20 years. Hence, they are distinctly different from other spiders that can only live for up to 1 year.

Aside from their painful bite, they cause only minor symptoms which include nausea, lethargy, and malaise.

White-Tailed Spiders Newcastle

Reports on pest control problems with spiders in Newcastle would usually include the famous white-tailed spiders. Known to be the vagrant hunters (they usually roam at night), they are native to southern and eastern Australia.

They can grow up to 18 mm in size and leg span of up to 28 mm. Their body is cylindrical, cigar-shaped, and has a dark reddish grey appearance. Also, they feed on other spiders like the curtain-web spiders, daddy-long-legs, redback spiders, and their favourite is the black house spiders

The most common species of this spider are the Lampona cylindrata and Lampona murina. Lampona cylindrata is usually common in natural and urban locations such as in South Australia, South Queensland, Tasmania, and from east to west coast. On the other hand, Lampona murina is mostly present in Eastern Australia.

White-tailed spiders survive in both forest and urban areas. Apparently, the effect of their bite is similar to that of the bee sting. So, the skin may get a small red bump that burns or itches.

Although there are stories about them causing skin ulcers, there is still no study that can prove such. On the other hand, numerous researches have shown that their bites are harmless to humans. However, they leave pain and the swelling of the wound.

Australian Tarantula Newcastle

Australian tarantulas are famous as barking, spiders, whistling spiders, and bird-eating spiders. They can produce sound by rubbing their front limbs against their jaws usually happening when they are threatened.

These spiders are large, heavy, have hairy bodies, and have various colours from dark-brown to pale reddish brown with a silvery sheen. Their fangs are approximately 1 cm in length.

They are carnivores and eat large insects, small reptiles, small birds, and even frogs. Their burrows have a length from 40 cm to 100 cm where they live and hide their female egg sac.

Having stronger muscles than the other spiders, they ambush their prey and can easily overpower it. Moreover, their males perform a courtship dance by tapping the ground with their abdomen. Then, circling the females with their flirty steps until the latter allows them to mate.

They are not fatal to humans but their bite can cause great pain due to their large fangs. However, they are dangerous to pets as they are known to be able to kill dogs.

Huntsman Spiders Newcastle

Huntsman spiders or the giant crab spiders are famous for their huge size. Their leg span can reach up to 15 to 30 cm.

They have a hairy appearance and black colour that make them scary. Especially that these spiders just, oftentimes, bolt out from behind the curtains. They can be found anywhere in Australia.

Just like other spiders, they use their venom for defence and to mobilise their prey. There have been no studies or reports to show that their venom is dangerous to humans.

The danger they bring is usually the accidents caused by humans being horrified. Usually, when they suddenly jump out from behind furniture or behind the car dashboard while driving.

Common Garden Orb Weaver Spider

Common garden orb weaver spiders are very common in Australia. They are very aggressive and bite. Their size may vary across coastal regions of Eastern Australia including their colours and shapes.

Female garden orb weaver spiders are also larger than the males. In fact, the females can grow up to 20-25 mm in size while only 15-17 mm for the males.

They live in gardens and weave their web between trees or in any places where their prey can easily be caught. These spiders work at night and hide during the daytime. Their bite may not be dangerous to humans but will leave pain, redness, and swelling.

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Despite the dangers of each of the above species, most of the other spiders in Australia and around the world are relatively harmless. However, we certainly don’t want to see them in our bedroom or kitchen.

Dealing with spiders entails a thorough understanding of their types, nature, and behaviour. Moreover, it requires extra care by using protective gear. Hence, it will be far better and a whole lot safer to let the professionals handle the situation.

ABC Pest Control Newcastle can take care of your problem with spiders removal Newcastle and other pests.

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