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Termite Inspection Newcastle


From only $220

ABC Pest Control Newcastle's Termite inspection package includes:
  • Full internal inspection of structure/home
  • Full external inspection of structure/home(including garage)
  • Roof Voids/Voids(where accessible)
  • Property grounds inspection, gardens, fences, sheds & carports
  • Inspect for wood rot, water damage, leaks and drainage issues
  • Thermal imaging and moisture meter used where needed
  • Termite inspection report
*Termite inspection Newcastle report includes a list of conducive conditions that should be rectified, as well as a run through after the inspection has been concluded on what issues have been identified and what action should be taken.

Termite Inspection Newcastle

Prevention of termite invasion in Newcastle is equivalent to regular termite inspection. In fact, termite experts strongly recommend doing it at least once a year as part of a house or building maintenance.

Termites have been causing astronomical damages to residential and commercial properties every year. As a matter of fact, these creepy-crawlies caused Australia billions of dollars worth of damages in a 2012 report.

With the tropical climate, it’s no surprise that 1 out of 3 properties in Australia have termites. Oftentimes, the problem is that people disregard the importance of early action against termites like a regular inspection. As a result, these pests continue eating their structure piece by piece until nothing is left but expensive damages.

Newcastle is just like any other tropical location that became a hotbed of termites.  Apparently, these pesky insects are barely noticeable until their destruction becomes too great. Hence, treatment in advance is the most effective strategy to defeat termites in Newcastle and beyond.

ABC Pest Control Newcastle holds the reputation of having the best termite inspection and treatment. We have different packages available specifically tailored for your needs. For instance, we match our package to the size of your building as well as the extent of the problem.

If you’ve found out or suspected that you have termites in your property, call us now or book. Likewise, don’t forget to check out our competitive packages.

Termite Treatment Cost Newcastle - Termite Inspection

In treating termites, it doesn’t really matter if it’s summer, spring, or winter. It is still best to take action as early as now to get rid of these vermin. Although spring season is really when the first termite seasonal manifestation starts to take place.

Our termite inspection for Newcastle residents starts from a price of $220 but is charged depending on the magnitude of the situation. We currently have a special offer in which you can save up to $400 with our services (conditions apply).

Many property owners have already learned their lesson from termites. After all, investing early in the remedy works and prevention is cheaper than the cure.

You can reach out to us to find out more about our inspection cost.

Termite and other Pest Treatment Newcastle

Newcastle termites are some of the most destructively active in the world. However, they are not alone. There are other countless critters running around.

There are many more pests to be worried about aside from just termites. For instance, you may have Newcastle carpet beetles that can be as tough as any other insect. Moreover, the same is true of cockroaches, silverfish, and Spiders.

No matter what kind of other pests you have, Newcastle termite treatment covers each. In fact, our termite treatment will also get rid of these pesky creatures. Hence, you can sleep better at night.

With a history of successful termite inspection and treatment, Newcastle trusts us with its termite control. Thus, it’s with great pride that we offer our services to you.

You can book us online in under 60 seconds or call us to discuss your options. Call 02 0404 9770.

Newcastle Termite Inspection – Facts and Information

White Ants is another term for Termites but they are not ants. Apparently, they are a social relative of cockroaches.

Out of the 4000 species of termites, only 10% are pests causing damage to buildings, crops, and forests. The termite season is usually late spring which is late September to October. As a matter of fact, this is the time when adult termites (alates or swarmers) leave old colonies to build new nests.

Termites usually head towards sunlight or artificial light. After swarming, they would spin around and break off their wings. Sometimes, the swarming takes place for just one or two hours. So, if you are not at home when they swarm you may only find the “cast off” wings on a windowsill or floor below a window.

The Worker Termites - Termite Inspection Newcastle

The white and creamy coloured termites are the workers. They are responsible for eating and damaging the wood.

Worker termites are very vulnerable because of their soft exoskeleton. They avoid the light by building “tunnels” to travel inside.

Apparently, they have a protozoan in their body that digests the wood. Eventually, they return to their home and excrete the digested wood to feed the other termites in the colony.

The Soldier Termite

The main job of a soldier termite is to protect the workers and other termites from ants. Unlike termite workers, they do not eat wood. Hence, they only feed on the digested wood passed on by the workers.

Soldier termites are the protectors of the colony. For instance, whenever a shelter tube is broken, the soldiers would immediately go to the opening to defend the workers.

Why Do Termites Love Your Newcastle Home?

Termites need humidity and moisture in Newcastle. However, these are not the only reasons why they love your place. Aside from shelter, they invade your property for its rich timber or wood.

These merciless insects feed on cellulose materials. hence, they will live and feed in your walls, floorboards, wooden doors, and even your furniture. Moreover, they may also get sustenance from trees around your property, wooden fence, wooden retaining walls, logs stored in the backyard, and wooden decking.

Old houses such as those that are over 25 years old are usual to have termites. However, even in new houses, these insects can still hit it anytime particularly if they are present and active near the property.

How Can You Determine Termite Infestation?

Everyone is never safe from termite invasion. Hence, it is imperative that you make yourself aware of the early signs of termites. Doing so may save your home from future expensive damages.

Flying termites usually during their season is the first sign. You may have sightings of wings on the ground, bathtubs, vents, and sinks. Also, you may notice sawdust from the areas where termites are building tunnels or holes in the exposed wood. Apparently, you need to keep in mind that termites work in the dark and are very hard to spot.

Another sign is Mud tubes. These are pieces of earth and wood stuck together with a glue-like secretion. The tubes serve as the termite’s highways. These are built by the worker termites to avoid exposure to the light and protect themselves from ants. Moreover, shelter tubes vary in size and length. For instance, they are generally about 1/4 inch in diameter and can be several feet long.

Mud tubes or shelter tubes are usually found hanging from a joist or clinging to a

Termites build mud tubes as their protective connections between their underground colony and your house, the food source. They can rebuild these tubes for as long as they are active.

You can also identify termites’ presence with damaged external or layers of wood. They can eat the wood in layers starting from the soft part of the wood. Apparently, termites eat any kind of wood, most wood byproducts, and other cellulose materials.

Another sign of termites is a dark or blistered area in your wood flooring. Usually, you would hear a series of tapping if you knock on the wood. This is because the termite soldiers hear you and are alerting the others of the danger by banging their heads on the walls.

What You Should Do If You Have Termites

You need to be careful as soon as you find termites in your property. Don’t panic. Remain calm as termites work slowly. Hence, you do have time to act before it gets significantly worse.

Never touch or disturb them. It’s because it is easier to treat termites if they are not disturbed. Also, do not spray them with any substance. Doing so will just drive them to relocate to areas where they may be harder to reach.

Most importantly, you need to call termite experts to manage the problem.

Dealing with termite infestation requires comprehensive knowledge of building construction and the behaviour of termites. Termites usually start and thrive underneath floors and within walls. Thus, it is necessary to have a careful examination and treatment by termite inspection and prevention experts.

You may not easily identify a termite infestation. Most often than not, this requires time and careful inspections of your property.

For instance, if you just eradicated a colony, it is wise to have more frequent inspections. Ideally, you need to have it at least once every three months. As soon as you are completely termite-free, you only need to have an inspection at least once annually.

Furthermore, any termite activity near you makes your property vulnerable to their attack. Hence, if your neighbour has termites, it would be smart to set up bait outside and have it checked every few months.

How To Outsmart Termites - Newcastle

The best prevention strategy against pests like termites is to deny them of any access points to your property. You really need to seal or block any entry points that they can use to enter and create damages. Hence, doing so will be quite easy and effective with the help of professionals to ensure nothing is left unaddressed.

Termites can invade your home through a number of entry points. Unfortunately, you may not even realise their presence and they can continue with the destructive eating habits undetected.

Wood can be the most favourite food of termites but they can also attack other sources of nutrients. They may create damages on plastic materials like water pipes and cables in search of sustenance.

Termites are perhaps are the most damaging pests in both residential and commercial properties.  Unfortunately, the damage they cause is typically uncovered by home insurance.

Success in fighting termite depends on regular inspection, early treatment, and prevention. Thus, ABC Pest Control Newcastle offers comprehensive termite inspection, treatment, and prevention throughout the greater Newcastle area.

Termite Reticulation System - ABC Pest Control Newcastle

ABC Pest Control Newcastle termite reticulation is a comprehensive approach that features an intricate underground waterproof barrier surrounding your home. This system physically certainly prevents termites from breaching your home’s physical defences.

This termite reticulation system, when installed by ABC Pest Control experts, will provide a powerful and long-term home defence system. We also have an additional and complementary approach that is also taken through the termite reticulation process.

The process involves the installation of a network of pipes underground around your home. These pipes have a multitude of tiny holes to release a faint but effective termite-repellent substance into the soil that will kill termites.

You don’t need to worry as we only use a substance that is completely safe for the environment, people, and pets. Usually, it would be ideal to install this system during the house or building construction. However, we can still achieve the same result even if you have built your home a long time ago.

With existing homes, ABC Pest Control needs to conduct a comprehensive termite inspection before the installation. This is to ensure that there are no more termites left inside the property.

It doesn’t matter if we install the reticulation system during the construction of your home or long after it. The benefits of this barrier are quite numerous. Hence, the reticulation process enables the physical and the chemical barriers to effectively block all entry points for termites to access your home. Most importantly, this system can continue protecting your property from termites without failure for decades.

Termite Reticulation Refill - ABC Pest Control Newcastle

The chemicals in the reticulation system need to be refilled every 3-5 years for a maintained and sustainable defence against termites. With that, ABC Pest Control Newcastle can certainly provide these refills at an affordable cost.

We can apply the refill quickly and without any hassle. Hence, your initial investment in the termite reticulation process continues to be your best decision. This is in terms of the savings it brings in overall time, money, effort, and prevention of termite damage.

There is also a need to maintain the physical barriers as it can wear out over the years due to soil erosion and compaction. Gaps between the home and the waterproof barrier develop through time. Therefore, these will need filling up with special materials that will also strengthen your home foundation.

ABC Pest Control Newcastle can provide every aspect of termite reticulation refill and maintenance in the greater Newcastle area.

Premise 200 SC – Termite Prevention Newcastle

One of the best termiticides that we use for termite prevention is Premise 200 SC. It’s an ideal method to use that also provides effective long-term protection against termites. Apparently it is a safe liquid chemical that we can apply in the soil around your house to kill and prevent termites.

It doesn’t really matter if your house has long been constructed when you need termite treatment and prevention system. ABC Pest Control Newcastle can certainly administer and install termite barriers with use of the best termiticide like Premise with same effectiveness.

There are appropriate application methods and equipment when using Premise 200 SC. Generally, our termite experts administer it by spraying, trenching, and soil rodding to exterminate and prevent termites from getting access to your premises.

Termites don’t eat concrete slabs but they can penetrate through the tiny cracks to get their way to your house or building. Hence, these need Premise perimeter treatment to enable an impenetrable termite barrier system around the structure. For instance, we drill and inject Premise 200 SC into these concrete paths around the perimeter to eradicate and keep termites off your property.

ABC Pest Control has mastered the use of Premise 200 SC to eradicate and prevent termites. You can reach out to us today to start this effective process.

Homeguard Installation - ABC Pest Control Newcastle

Advanced development on termite protection system such as the Homeguard system has been helping Newcastle property owners free from termites. In fact, Homeguard contains all the best qualities of a defence system against termites.

This system works best in the foundational level of your property. Hence, it is administered during or within the construction of your home or building to make you completely termite-free.

Homeguard is a design and a product from Australia that uses a highly effective chemical called Bifenthrin. Hence, it is well suited to local conditions. Moreover, this substance is sealed within the structural elements of the home giving every part of the property protection from termites.

FMC Corporation designed Homeguard that comes with a 25-year warranty that protects your home for up to $1 million in termite damages. However, you need to remember that only an officially accredited

Homeguard operator such as ABC Pest Control Newcastle can install or conduct an annual termite inspection to avail of the warranty.

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