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Tick Removal Newcastle

Tick removal Newcastle is an area where we can apply expert techniques. Dealing with a tick infestation requires modern expertise and equipment. Apparently, nobody is can better deal with ticks than ABC Pest Control Newcastle.

ABC Pest Control experts use modern, environmentally-friendly sprays to ensure that we neutralise all varieties of ticks on the spot. Hence, we ensure that they stay away for a long time to come.

Using professional help to treat the problem of ticks and other pests means that you, your loved ones, and your pets can relax. You no longer need to worry about the harm that can come from tick bites. If you want fast action use our online booking system and get it done in under 60 seconds.

Tick Facts Newcastle - Tick Removal Newcastle

Ticks belong to class arachnids under the order Parasitiformes and the subclass Acari. They are tiny eight-legged insects that measure around 3-5 mm in length and are usually black or brown in colour. Furthermore, they are ectoparasites that feed on the blood of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Ticks, like other insects, are found in all parts of the world where there is a warm and humid climate. They are disease-carrying pests that can latch on tightly to humans or pets, and cause significant discomfort. Moreover, they carry and transmit a number of bacteria to humans that can cause what we call tick-borne diseases.

Tick-borne diseases include typhus, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Flinders Island spotted fever, and Queensland tick typhus (Australian tick typhus). In addition, the list also includes rickettsialpox, Boutonneuse fever, and African tick bite fever.

They are the major carriers of Lyme disease. Apparently, some of its species are venomous like the Australian paralysis tick that can cause tick paralysis. ABC Pest Control Newcastle offers expert tick removal Newcastle services.

You can find several varieties of ticks along Australia’s east coast. In particular, the paralysis tick, the brown dog tick, and the bush tick. All of them are hardened and hungry, making them a persistent foe whose dangers include bites.

Tick bites usually require treatment because of the bacteria they often carry that infect their hosts. Hence, the serious health risk and the difficulties in combating ticks make tick removal a job for the professionals.

These parasites use their senses to detect their hosts through their body heat and odour. In addition, pets like dogs usually get infested by ticks when they get in contact with other dogs with ticks.

Ticks Newcastle Life Cycle

There are four life cycle stages of ticks: Egg, larva, nymph, and adult.

Similar to other insects or animals, tick egg is the start of their life cycle. After the egg hatched, the six-legged larva will nourish with blood for it to advance to the next stage as the nymph until it becomes an adult.

It may take up to 3 years to complete a full life cycle of a tick. However, not all of them can survive to complete their life cycle. Apparently, most of them die when they can’t find a host to feed on.

How to Remove Ticks Newcastle

Seeing a tick penetrated on your skin or your pet’s is disgusting and you would instantly pick it and kill it. Well, there is a right way to do it to ensure no infection is left by this parasite.

You would first need pointy tweezers and rubbing alcohol as a disinfectant. When ready, do the following easy steps very carefully:

  1. With your rubbing alcohol, clean the area around the tick bite thoroughly to ensure no bacteria can further cause infection.
  2. Using your tweezers, grab the tick head from your skin with a firm grip.
  3. Take it easy. So, slowly pull the parasite up with steady pressure. Do not ever twist it as it may cut its body leaving chances of severe infection.
  4. Wash the area of tick bite again with the rubbing alcohol or you may also use soap or water.

Tick Removal Newcastle Prevention Tips

Ticks can jump or fly so avoiding them is easier if we know how to. The following are the helpful tips to prevent ticks from infecting you and your pets.

  1. Keep your vegetation or gardens a distance away from your house because these are the favourite hang-out places of ticks.
  2. Clean your surroundings with dried leaves.
  3. Place your lawn furniture in a location with direct sunlight to ensure they are always dry.
  4. If you live in or go to a tick-infested area, wear light-coloured clothes. This will help you easily spot them in case you got them. Wear long sleeves and pants tucked into the socks with boots, and hats.
  5. Use safe tick repellant. Be careful not to spray too much of it on your skin. Also, don’t forget to wash it out thoroughly from your skin and clothes later.

Tick Treatment: Contact ABC Pest Control Newcastle

Tick removal is a difficult endeavor. Hence, it's highly important to eliminate the threat of ticks anywhere on a property. You need to keep them away so that they don't come back to harass even more.

You need to deal with this problem as early as possible. This is because ticks lay thousands of eggs during their lifetimes. Thus, longer delays mean that their numbers will only grow along with the complications associated with eradicating them.

Contact experts that can handle the problem with care and with effective results. ABC Pest Control team in Newcastle, New South Wales has been tick-ready. In fact, we've been doing tick removal for so many years leaving every customer happy and satisfied knowing that they are finally tick-free.

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