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Top 10 Truths about Termites and How to Protect Your Property in Newcastle

Truth About Termites

The truth about termites – You probably know that termites are the most destructive pests in Newcastle. In fact, these creepy-crawlies have been causing billions of dollars of damages in Australia annually. Hence, it’s imperative that everyone understands how devastating these insects are and how it can turn your property into severe perdition.

No home or property can ever be safe from the threat of termite attack. Unless you have a termite barrier system installed and have a regular termite inspection, termites will surely be your worst guests anytime soon.

Your property is everything that termites need for survival. The perfect mixture of warmth and moisture makes your place the best home for these pesky insects. Similarly, it provides them with a rich source of food in the form of timbre in the structure.

If you want to protect your property from termites, you need to know the truths about these creatures and learn the effective ways to exterminate them. Oftentimes, the majority of those who are now facing expensive damages are those who did not realise how destructive termites can be before it’s too late.

There have been a lot of misconceptions about termites that have led to getting properties completely taken over by these pests. For instance, some people never thought they had termites because they did not see any single termite crawling around. Well, termites like to work in silence and just let their destruction speaks aloud.

Top 10 Fundamental Truths about Termites

Termites could probably be the most unpredictable pests to ever enter your home in Newcastle. You would never know when they will arrive to devour your hard-earned property. Thus, it’s necessary to equip yourself with enough knowledge about these vermin and how you can fight them.

There are fundamental truths about termites that you should know to save your property. It may sound trivial but each of these facts can help you avoid facing future termite problems. The following are the top truths about termites.

Termites are not ants

You may have learned already that termites are also called “white ants”. Yes, they are commonly called white ants but they are not under the ant family at all. In fact, they are the relatives of cockroaches.

This has been quite confusing with some people using ant solutions as a treatment for termites. As a result, the treatment did nothing but just aggravated the problem making it even worse.

Termites feed on cellulose-based materials

You surely know this already that termites are wood-eaters. In fact, dead plants and trees are what termites feed on. They get nutrients from the organic fibre in wood and plant matter called cellulose.

Every wood in your house is never safe from termites. They would start from the foundation of your home and will eventually eat their way through to your wall, ceilings, attics, and roofs. Unfortunately, they won’t stop while there is wood left to consume.

Termites don’t eat but can destroy plastic pipes

Termites can chew plastic materials such as water pipe but don’t eat them. Apparently, they just simply can’t digest it. However, they secrete an acid substance to destroy the plastic pipes and easily break in.

Termites chew and destroy pipes if these block their way toward their food. They also use it as pathways to penetrate to your property or to wherever their target food is.

Termites can penetrate through concrete materials

Even concrete walls or slabs can never stop termites from entering your property and gain control. Just like plastic materials, termites don’t eat concrete materials but they can penetrate it by squeezing their bodies through the tiny spaces. Hence, when a single termite can successfully get in, the rest will certainly follow.

Termites utilise the cracks or hollow areas in the blocks and bricks to get through to the wood behind it. Apparently, they will just do everything in their power to get to the other side of your concrete structure to get their sustenance.

Termites are extremely mobile insects

Just because you don’t have termites now doesn’t mean they’re not after your property sooner. You need to know that termites are active 24/7. Likewise, they never stop searching for a new place for sustenance and to build a new colony.

If there is a termite activity within 5km in radius from where your property is, you can expect to be the next feeding site of these odious pests. Most property owners did not realise this causing them a surprise of termite damages later on.

Dampness or moisture attract termites

Humidity and moisture make a perfect environment for termites to foster. Having poor ventilation in your home can result in excessive moisture and an increase in the humidity level. Thus, termites would excitingly crawl their way toward your place to feed and live.

Rising damp is also another factor for attracting termites. This dampness issues can be caused by a faulty damp-proof system and dysfunctional drainage system around your property. As the damp rises, it weakens the structure making it easier for termites to get through.

DIY (Do It Your Own) solutions can’t resolve termite problems

Never use insecticides or any poisonous sprays on termites. It will never resolve your problem with termites at all. In fact, it will only worsen the issue and will cause termites to get alarmed.

When termites get the alarm of danger from you, they will spread trying to relocate to other areas in the property. Therefore, they create more damages as they go through the relocation process.

They may also be relocating to areas where termite experts like ABC Pest Control can hardly reach during treatment. Hence, you need to leave your termite problem to the experts to get the appropriate treatment.

Eradicating termites once is not a permanent solution

You need to accept that termites will forever be around us no matter what. They are the most successful insects in all tropical locations like Australia. Yes, we cannot do anything about that.

One treatment to remove them is good but you need more than that to keep your property safe from their return anytime soon. You need to install a termite barrier system if you want to really keep your guard up against their return.

Termite experts can certainly help you with the termite barrier installation that you can sustain moving forth. With the barrier, you will have peace of mind and confidence knowing that you have protection against these creepy destroyers.

Every property needs a regular termite inspection

Termites have taught many property owners in Newcastle a memorable lesson. That is, prevention is cheaper than cure. Apparently, most of the affected property owners never thought the significance of a regular termite inspection until they face the damages in bold view.

Just like your physical health, your property needs regular maintenance to stay strong and standing. A part of this maintenance is termite inspection which should be done at least once annually.

Only termite experts know how to fight termites

Unless you are a termite expert, defeating termites is not your thing. You surely need experts who understand the nature and behaviour of these pests to provide the best solutions.

Hence, termite control is a complex process and oftentimes quite a fragile task. It requires thorough inspection using modern tools and comprehensive treatment to address all infested areas. Moreover, termite experts will help you apply the most appropriate termite barrier system to ensure these creepy creatures don’t come back soon.

8 Simple Reminders to Help You Prevent Termite Infestation – Truth About Termites

The best thing to do when you are already infested with termites in Newcastle is to contact the right termite experts to address the problem before it gets worse. Moreover, a regular termite inspection is still imperative for continuous monitoring of termite activity. However, there are still simple things that you can do to help discourage termite presence in your property.

The following may be helpful to prevent if not minimise termite infestation:

Eliminate entry points

Check for water or gas line leaks. Make sure to seal the opening properly with the right sealant. Doing so will ensure termites can’t make use of these lines as access points.

Eliminate wood-to-ground contact

First, don’t provide termites with an easy bridge to break through your property. Wood-to-ground contact is the most common way termites can enter your territory. Hence, it is ideal to have at least eighteen inches gap between the ground and the wood portions of your structure.

Never store extra firewood or lumber close to your property

As you may have already realised, wood attracts termites. The closer these wood materials are to your property, the more that you are prone to termite attack soon.

Experts recommend that you store these wood materials at least 5 feet away from the house. If you can make it farther, that would make it better.

Fix damp issues around your house

Termites like dampness. They use this opportunity to penetrate through the weakened structure until they get to the wood or timbre part. As the damp rises up, termites get more chances of reaching through the higher parts of the wall.

Dampness usually develops in areas where there are constant wetness and poor ventilation. This may also be because of a faulty drainage system resulting in the spread of water on the ground to the foundation of your house or building.

Treat moulds issues – Truth About Termites

Moulds usually come with dampness but can also be because of excessive moisture in some areas of the property. They can be in your bathroom and subfloors where there are moisture, humidity, and no proper ventilation.

Certainly, termites don’t really eat moulds but they can be a sign of termite infestation. Moulds and termites thrive in the same environment. Termites would always be where moulds are present. Hence, removing moulds and keeping the affected areas dry and well-ventilated will give termites no chance to prosper.

Treating moulds could be quite dangerous because of the allergens when they release their spores to the air. They can cause serious allergies and asthma. Thus, it will be best to have the moulds treat by moulds experts to keep you safe.

You will also need to check for accumulated dirt and debris in your subfloors and crawl spaces. These spaces can easily develop humidity and moisture when clogged.

Inspect before you pick – Truth About Termites

Primarily, it will be best to inspect every lumber you will use in your home or garden fence. Used lumber is usually likely to be infested with termites. Thus, make sure to check every new lumber you bring home. Surely, you wouldn’t want to bring these vermin to your property.

Regularly clean around your property

Next, dried leaves and any wood materials may accumulate around your property and will soon be attracting termites. Cleaning around your property of dead plants or wood is necessary to give no food source for termites.

Don’t panic when you see termites

Understandably, it may be tempting to do something to kill termites as soon as you see them. But please calm yourself and do nothing. What you see is just a few of them and you may cause more trouble if you disturb them.

Don’t panic. Contact termite experts immediately to get the right treatment. If you leave termites undisturbed, it will be easier for the experts to assess the situation and apply the appropriate elimination procedures.

Don’t Let Termites Ruin What You Have

You can’t do anything with the fact that creatures as destructive as termites will continue to exist. However, you certainly have a way to remove them from your property and stay away.

Undoubtedly, it may seem complex and difficult but you can still win your war against termites with the help of trusted termite experts. Unfortunately, you can’t win the fight against termites alone. Nobody can without professional assistance.

Therefore, a regular termite inspection and installation of a termite barrier are the best ways to keep you safe from the devastating activities of termites. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if you had termites or never had termite infestation before. Your property needs regular monitoring and termite protection as these pests never stop moving from one location to another.

Finally, for trusted termite experts in Newcastle, you can choose the highly recommended and top-rated ABC Pest Control Newcastle team. This team has been successful in making and keeping every home and property they work on termite-free.

Never let your guard down when it comes to termites. Your property is your responsibility. For sure, regret is not what you want to wake with someday.